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Jewel Villaflores

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Genre(s):              Visayan Pop, Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Pop, Jazz, Slow Rock, Alternative   Hometown:         Hilongos Leyte / Lapu-lapu City, Cebu Record Label:    Independent Occupations:      Graphic Artist / Singer/ Songwriter Inspirations:      The limitless stories around the world   Ultimate Favorite Artist:  Simon & Garfunkel/Regina Spektor / Bon Iver/ John Lennon/ Amy Winehouse/ Tracy Chapman/ Florence and the Machine/ Bullet Dumas Ultimate Favorite Song: Mrs. Robinson (Simon and Garfunkel), Rowboats (Regina Spektor), Imagine (John Lennon), Far Far (Yael Naim) Ultimate Favorite Instrumental Song:  Chopin – Nocturne op.9 No.2   Songs Composed (Titles Only): Duyog Lakaw Ayaw’gBuhi Optical Floaters Unhappy Nasayod White Noise Semi-perfect angel wings Coffee Table   What is a modern BisayaSong  for you? Just music written in Bisaya. What makes it...

Kenneth Corvera

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Year Born:        September 1989   A Song Writer   Genre(s):              Pop, Rock, Jazz, Alternative Hometown:         Cabayawa, Tubay Agusan del Norte Record Label:    None (Indie Artist) Occupations:      Self-employed Instruments: Guitars, Vocals Inspirations:      GOD,  Family and friends.   Ultimate Favorite Artist:  The Beatles Ultimate Favorite Song:      Blackbird, In my life, (actually, there are many) Ultimate Favorite Instrumental Song:  Canon   Songs Composed (Titles Only): Unang Halik Tanging Ikaw OFW Altar To Have Not Someone Like You Karong Wala Kana Duha-duha.   What is a modern Bisaya Songs for you? “Modern bisaya songs” is the evolution of OPM, a combination of traditional Visayan Music and Modern Foreign Music. Favorite Music Quote: “Music is not what I do, it’s who I am” Early Years: I started singing when I was 7 years old, learned to...